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Day 2 – Post a picture that makes you feel pretty

Any person or any pictures of yours that makes you feel pretty can help you bring those memories of that beautiful day. The day which made you smile.
That smile makes you beautiful. While you smile that frown on your forehead gets released. Which makes you relax.
Have a look at your pictures and smile.
Just do it.

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-By Gayatri

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Day 1 – Write Out Your Feelings

The march month has started. So I have been thinking I should do something new in this new month.

and the result of this is 1 month challenge. And today is the first day of this challenge.

Write down what you feel now. What you think about yourself. Except other people’s thoughts and opinion about you. The 1st day challenge will become difficult. Because of that all the mixed match feeling about our own self.
Have you ever thought as what that things which is making me difficult to accept myself the way I’m. ???

The way your that makes you unique. Different from others. After pending down all that negative thoughts on the 1st day itself we are making getting to know that’s the reason. That are making us difficult.

You will feel way more better then before after writing down all your feelings. It will makes you light.

Are you having the difficulties to love yourself??? If you have, then we are here to help you..

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-By Gayatri


March affirmation’s 2021

So let’s start another with the affirmations .Are you guys ready for March??

Affirmations are the powerful statement used to consciously affect your thoughts positively. We have an estimated 50,000 thoughts a day and most of them are not pretty. Often, we are very critical of ourselves.

Can you invest that one minute of your life in yourself to get the positive thoughts that will help you to grow this month?

Let’s start with our affirmations ….

This month is going to bring the best of me.

I’m perfect the way I’m now.

I love myself and allow others to love me.

I am growing and glowing.

I can do anything, I set my mind to.

I will exceed my own expectations.

Creativity is my gene.

I am not just reading this I am going to apply this to every day of my life. And yes, you the person who is reading this right now, is going to get blessed soon. Keep it up with your affirmations.

Thank you guys for your support, we are grateful for this.

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-By Gayatri


Are Losers and winners the same??

Have you ever noticed that winners and losers have the same aim to achieve the goals, but at last only one person ends up with the trophy!

We only concentrate on the person who ends up winning and mistakenly assumes that ambitious goals led to their success while overlooking all of the people who had the same objective but didn’t succeed.

Every Olympian player wants to win the gold medal. Every candidate wants to get jobs. Every dreamer wants to achieve his /her dreams.

Even if we are successful or may not be able to be successful but the people share the same goals, then the goals cannot differentiate who’s the winner and who’s the loser.

So the James Clear says,

“Achieving a goal only changes your life for the moment. That’s the counterintuitive thing about improvement. We think we need to change our result, but the result is not the problem. What we really need to change are the systems that cause those results. When you solve problems at the results level, you only solve them temporarily. To improve for good, you need to solve problems at the systems level.”

The goals had always been there. It was only when they implemented a system of continuous small improvements that they achieve a different outcome.

You need to make it your priority to find ways to not only get lost in the process of doing but also, to make your goal the improvement of these rituals.

What will fundamentally determine our level of success is the way we approach the systems to get there. It’s working smarter, not harder.

So, think about your goals and their priorities and try to achieve those goals in mind that I will be the winner and even then, you didn’t win you would always remember that you gave your best to win.

So, what path you will choose to achieve those goals and become the winner?

What are your goals? Comment below and let us know.

-By Gayatri


Home-Office Dēcor

During the lockdown, many people started work from home. The atmosphere and environment for the workplace should be pleasant so they don’t feel bored or irritated when they see their surrounding for a small break. So, to make the work environment look pretty these are some ideas you can apply to your work from home space.

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Stay safe and stay healthy.

-By Gayatri

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Poem – Daydreams

I wanna fly
I wanna run
I wanna walk with you
Holding hand in hands
Watching that night lights
Star that don’t scars

I’m waiting for you
I’m there for you
I’m here waiting for you

Let’s talk about it
Let’s have silent
Let’s have peace
And that all my mood Swings.

At the end
We are us together

Have you ever daydream? What’s your daydreams? Let us know!!!!


-By Gayatri

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Affirmation for February 2021

Hey guys!!
Let’s start this new month with the affirmation. I observe around and I got this best feeling. When you once start with the affirmation every day or weeks or months,
it makes you more work towards the positive side of your life.

All my goals for this month are achievable.
I’m grateful for all things I have.
New opportunities are coming on my way.
I’m blessed with the best people.
I’m surrounded by the positive vibes.
My mind and body are healthy.
I enjoy the little things around me.

Saying your affirmation daily soon you will see them manifest in your life. Have a great month with love and joy. This month of love you will receive. Have a try and you will receive your affirmation becoming manifesting.

Thank you for reading our blog. Follow and like for more. Stay safe and stay healthy.

-By Gayatri


Things To Do Without Social-Media

  • Take a walk

Going for a walk really makes your mood changer. Whenever I feel stress nowadays Or I feel exhausted. I just go for a walk for an hour. Without my phone so there will be no one to interrupt me in my own thoughts.

  • Read a book

 Reading a book early in the morning. Gives the energy.

  • Stretch / do yoga

Stretch for a 10 -15 mins. Makes your body warm.

  • Do something which was in your list long along

I have a lot of things do to on my list. I think everyone has something or the other. We should take a time out sometimes to do it. That list is what you can call a ” later do list ” something different kind of name.

  • Make do to list for next days

I often do this. It makes makes me feel organize a bit. Workload becomes also less.

  • Call your friends

I have a friends whom I call and like to disturb them. I love to talk to them.

  • Write your feelings in journal

Write your feels is important sometimes. It will makes you feel light.

  • Cook new dishes

This is something new I learned and I started loving it. Since the pandemic started, I always try to do new dishes. It makes me feel happy that I can do something new.

  • Write down what you’re grateful for

After doing this, I realize there were so many things I was grateful for but I didn’t notice them.

  • Listen to podcast

Listen to podcast, I learn something new every time.

  • Observe your surrounding

I enjoy doing this. The surrounding are is our environment and observing it is good for our mind.

Thank you for reading our blog. Stay safe and stay healthy.

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-By Gayatri


Room Décor

Hi!  It’s the end of January. Many people are still thinking how 2021 year is going to be. Some people are anxious, some are stressed but some are really relieved that 2020 ended.

The thing is I love more than anything is relaxing. So today I have a thing for all to help you relax. No. Not any meditation or any medicine but its our environment. If our environment is pleasing to eyes then our mind will eventually relax.

The most relaxing place is our own home. The place we live and sometimes work, if it looks good and relaxing, it pleases our mind.

So there are some photos I want to share of room décor that I really liked. I hope you will like those too.

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Stay safe and stay healthy.

-By Kasturi & Gayatri