Time difference

Everyone has a same time in a day. Someone spend watching Netflix , someone spend writing book.

We have the same minutes every single day – it sum up with, what I did with that time. Was it worthy spending time on that thing or not that’s your call.

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~By Gayatri ❤


Planner for 2022

Happy new year🎉🎊 , Hope you have a great journey this year, you grow and glow and continue to support each other.

Starting this year with a planner will help you to simplify and will give the clarity of what it will be like your 2022.

Make a note of this – This year I will …….

Fill in the blanks use to be the one of my favorite things during school…..

Now it time to reflect it in reality.

Start doing this ________________

Quit doing this ________________

Visit this places ________________

Learn this skills _______________

I will try this _________________

How you want to be like ___________

Eat this ________________

Improve this _________________

Make this ________________

Giveaway this ______________

Now take your diary , start thinking and write on this year goals

Keep spreading love

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Real vs Reel view

One day the fox was walking in the forest, he was hungry after a long walk all around.

Then suddenly he saw a grapes trees, he thought of eat that grapes.
Jumping, jumping and jumping for a long time.
But he was unable to reach till that grapes.
After so many time trying out ,he decided to go back in the forest and rest for a while.

What do you think from this story?
So do you think that fox has given up after trying to get that fruit, or are you thinking of he should have tried other ideas to get that grapes.
You might also thought of that fox has gave up his opportunity to eat.

Let’s listen to the other part of the story.
As the fox went to get the grapes that day, after a long walk.
He was already tried, but he was still jumping, jumping to get that grapes.

Did you though of that fox legs were tried after trying so many time.
He was hurt, his legs were hurt because of hopping and falling on the ground.
That’s why he decided to show this back view to that grapes tree..

The story which we heard in the first part and the story from the fox view. We get to know that what others see and what we feel is way to different.

You might feel that person the front of you has gave up, but their might be their own problem from which they got hurt. An decide to show the back view.

Empathy play a biggest role in life.

Feel free to share your views in the comments.

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~by Gayatri ❤


Circumstances are life changers.

They change you or you change them.

Under pressure, you compete with it or make a complete mess.

Start small, as small as possible.

Small enough to work, big enough to put you on the hook.

Learn or earn, under circumstances.

But don’t quit in the middle.

Keep working, keep working,

One day you are the controller of those Circumstances.

`By Gayatri

21 things I learned in 21 years

Hello cuties, it’s my birthday special blog. Sharing all the 21 things I observe, analyze and understand in my life. So you can learn from it. This year I learn a lot, meet many people, virtually and in real too. I am growing, changing, and honestly becoming a better person from last year. Can’t believe I am 21 already.

1. Bring joy from the little moment in your life. It can be a compliment someone gives you or you gave it to someone else. That brings a smile all day long.

2. Don’t keep high expectations from the people. 

3. Believe in abilities, you are a capable person and you are enough. 

4. Don’t force your decision on someone else. Accept the reality of life.

5. Don’t get jealous, if other people are one step ahead of you,  admire them. 

6. Don’t be competitors, be collaborative. Support each other, a get together to your goals. 

7. Starting might be tough, but in the end, you are the one level up from the previous you.

8. Believe in the process, you will get amazing results.

9. Take responsibility even if you feel you can’t handle it, cause there is no way going back after getting responsibility you have to do it.

10. You become like a person you surround yourself with.

11. Gratitude is a key to happiness.

12. Everything is temporary, good or bad.

13. Experience is the best teacher.

14. Evaluate people based on their actions not on their words.

15. Failure isn’t bad as long as you learn from it.

16. Priority is your health first, then work.

17. Motivational videos won’t work unless you are willing to work.

18. Rest is not a waste of time.

19. Imposter syndrome is real – but don’t let it spoil your life.

20. Not every relationship is meant to last forever.

21. You can change your life if you want to.

Let me know in the comments which one resonates the most with you.

Have a nice day. Keep spreading love and positive energy.


-By Gayatri

December Affirmations

Hey Cuties, welcome to the last month of 2021, I trust that our last month will go well. Today is the beginning of the new month that is also the last month of the year. We made it to December you all. At the beginning of the year and the whole covid experience, we were so scared of what’s happening to our mother earth. I’m really excited about the new month most especially because it is my birth month.

My birthday is on the 2nd Dec. I realized that I’ve not really introduced myself and the blog and I’ll be doing that on my birthday so feel free to drop your questions below for things you’ll like to know about me and the blog.

Now, for today’s post, we have our monthly dose of affirmations for the new month.

  1. I am blessed.
  2. I am grateful for my life.
  3. I am happy to be existing.
  4. I am grateful for my friends.
  5. I am grateful for my family.
  6. New doors are open to me.
  7. My life is amazing.
  8. I am talented.
  9. Miracles are happening in my life.
  10. I have an abundance of all I desire.
  11. I am the best version of myself.
  12. I am happy for all I have and know.
  13. I am grateful for everything that happened this year.
  14. My new year is going to be the best.

So there you have it, amazing affirmations for the last month of the year. Who else believes the next year is going to be the best?

Comment down your favorite affirmations and the ones you are going to be saying often. Don’t forget to leave a question for me to get to know me better.

Follow my blog so you won’t miss and update and check out my social media pages. Instagram be sure to follow and I’ll follow back.

Keep smiling cuties. Enjoy your day.

~By Gayatri 🙂

Kind Words

Hello folks, so recently I heard a few harsh words from someone. I wanted to share my feelings from those experiences.

You are the speaker, but it doesn’t mean you can speak anything to anyone. Yes, you have a right to speak but you don’t have a right to hurt someone. Someone who has always been with you doesn’t mean, you should just be good with them for their sake.

Try to understand the situation first, then you can decide if you want to be on bad terms or good terms with them.

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

                                                                                  `maya angelou.

The conclusion is, use kind words when you talk with others. They might get hurt, even can lose belief in people and in themselves too. The person you were to them before, might not remain the same as before.

How you treat them, they remember.

How you talk with them, they remember.

How you make them feel, they remember.

Be kind cuties, you have a beautiful smile to make others days


-By Gayatri

To Lose Me Again – Poem

I can’t afford me,

To lose me again.

I can’t afford me,

To lose me for someone else.

I can’t afford me,

To lose me for being on someone else’s waiting list.

I can't afford me,

To lose my people.

I can’t afford me,

To lose my dreams.

-By Gayatri