10 motivation ideas

1.Two-minute rule

Getting started is always the hardest part – make yourself work on a task for two minutes. Chances are, this will turn into a much longer period of focused work.


Understanding the problem at hand simplifies finding a solution. Analyze why you feel unmotivated, and what you can do about this underlying cause.

3.Gratitude List

Gratitude is a simple yet powerful helper when you feel down. When unmotivated, write a list of things you are grateful for, making it as extensive or as brief as you would like.

4.Physical exercise 

Moving your body regularly not only releases endorphins but also reinforces your mental toughness and energy, your pursuits of your goals in all areas of your life.

5.Quick vision boards

Put together a collection of images that reflects what you want your life to look like in the future. Refer back to this to remind yourself of the bigger picture.

6.Affirmations and quotes

Write down the words that inspire you that you easily connect with. Even if it’s not directly related to motivation, recalling your quotes from our favorite authors can boost your mind and add up your energy levels.


Writing down all your clusters of emotions and starting with the new energy. It’s therapy.

8.Pomodoro technique

The Pomodoro technique helps stay focused for 25 mins and helps in relaxation for 5 mins, which makes your brain function more effectively.

9.Reverse psychology

Accept that you feel unmotivated and that you don’t have to do anything – you have a choice to pursue your goals and make the most out of the present moment.

10.Make it fun

Changing your mindset makes any task enjoyable. Write out any three things from your to-do list: is it challenging?

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-By Gayatri



This advice will make you think twice, and if you get confused then read again. You are waiting to start. It is just a waste of time and making achievements away from us. By reading this you might start doing your pending list from today onwards.

  • One day or day one?? you decide.
  • Your life isn’t yours if you constantly care about what others think.
  • Re-reading the same chapter won’t give you a different ending.
  • A glow stick has a break before it glows.
  • You only live once but if you do it right once is enough.
  • Once you hit rock bottom the only direction you can go is up.
  • Don’t take life seriously no one makes it out alive.
  • Blowing out the other people’s candles won’t make yours any brighter.
  • If you don’t go on the edge you’ll never see the view.
  • You may not be everyone’s favorite color but someday someone will need you to complete their painting.

Have a great day ahead!!! Thank you for reading.

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-By Gayatri❤

Songs that pep you up

We all have a happy energetic playlist. I have the entire playlist which is my go to playlist for my mood changing and I can listen to it every single day.

This is my personal preference for songs that go for all moods: chilling, happy, high up energy, motivational.

  1. levitating – dua lipa
  2. Peaches – justin bieber
  3. Solo – clean bandit,Demi Lovato
  4. At my worst – Pink Sweat$
  5. Dynamite -BTS
  6. Butter – BTS
  7. On & On – cartoon,Daniel Levi
  8. Come & get it – selena Gomez 
  9. Your Love – Kate Linn
  10. Look at her now – Selena Gomez
  11. Lush Life – Zara Larsson
  12. Deja vu – Olivia Rodrigo
  13. Good 4 u – Olivia Rodrigo
  14. Watermelon sugar – Harry styles  
  15. Gaho – start over [ itaewon class ost ]

If you know any more songs please let me know!

Have a great day ahead.

-by Gayatri ❤

July Affirmations

Hey!! I realised we have already passed the half of 2021. How
fast this 6 months wents in a spur of the moment.Have you just
looked at your all resolutions which you made in January, did I
follow any of them ?
Many people forget it after a week.But you still have TIME to
continue doing that.As that’s, what we say are main goals for
years which will make you happy.
Making this month a happy month by these affirmations:
● I create the life I desire with my good feelings
● When I feel happy I manifest more reasons to be happy
● I accept that happiness is my true nature
● I am worthy of feeling happy
● My happiness comes from within me
● I am constantly creating everything my heart desires
● I experience joy in everything I do
● I feel happy with myself as a person
● I give myself permission to enjoy myself
● I allow myself to feel good
● The life I’ve always dreamed of is created by my choice to
be joyful now

Question to ask yourself

Somedays for questing and a few days for answering the question in my mind. Question and answering to myself sometimes help me to reflect my thoughts with clear ideas, which makes life easier. So have a few lists of questions here today. I would like if you guys to try as an exercise for today. It will just take a few minutes of your day.

What am I grateful for? 

Gratefulness is an important part of life, by answering this question it will bliss your day. As due to our busy lifestyle we get neglected by our work, and lack of time management. As we take many things granted which we get easily in our life, which may not be possible for the other people to have. Even the basic necessities such as food,shelter and clothes. During the pandemic many people lost their jobs still we got the food to eat we should be grateful for it. 

What I want to be like in 5 years? Or next 10 years? 

The more you think and the more your imagination will enhance your brain. Instead of thinking of the miserable past and getting upset over it. Get start thinking for your future self. What I will be like, what things I have achieved, how I look like, am I happy, which position I’m working on. I am still working on my passion, hobbies.

What did I learn today? 

I might have read somewhere that,”1% improvement a day you will eventually be 37% improvement. So do you want to improve yourself 37%  by the end of this year. Doing nothing at all vs doing 1% improvement a day which you prefer. Learning this is the key to survival in this competitive world of Gen Z now.

Did I do something that my future self will be thankful for? 

Asking this question everyday at night, before going to bed will help you to do better for tomorrow. Its important of recognizing yourself. And keeping in track that you are on the path to reach your dream goals. It will bring the smile on your face to that I did something worth it.

What makes me feel happy? 

It is important to recognize  that we draw our attention from negative emotions. Its easy to get in trap of negative emotions, because one thought we make it enter in our mind it starts inviting the more negative emotions. Frequently practice meditation it helps in regaining our conscious mind in present.

What are the things that are making me sad? How should I get rid of them? 

Start this question with what are the things making you sadder and then ask why the more you ask why as a question the more you get clear with your thoughts. After you list out and clear with things, think of getting rid of it.

Am I being kind to myself and others? 

I believe that everyone should strive to do something selfless or something that provides positive implications for others as well as yourself so it’s important to stop and think about what you are doing in this regard. Be kind we don’t know what others might be suffering from. As everyone has a story.

What questions do you often ask yourself ? Let me know in the comments.

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Thank you. Stay safe and stay healthy.

-By Gayatri

Time management

Making you productive by giving the idea to think different. We have 168 hours a week. I heard this statement from a talk show. Where she was talking about time management. She was given experience on time management from where she had learned.

There was one person who was not willing to reply, to her mails and all the work related stuff. 

So in short and in an easy way let me tell you the example of my friend.

 I message her several times a day. And she didn’t reply to me nor did she answer my call. At one certain day I suddenly met her and asked what work you were stuck in. She didn’t even have time to reply to my messages, calls and mails. 

And she was free to go for an outing with her family and friends and post all the pictures over social media. So she said “It is not about how busy I am, it’s not about my time management. I don’t care what you think or you are not my priority.” 

I don’t care if it’s equal to it’s not my priority. So I came to a conclusion if there is something which I don’t want to work on means I don’t give my priority to those things.

There is a list of pending work in your desk and messed up in your mind. which you are procrastinating all of this while. Now you get to the point, why you were not able to do it because all that pending task are not your priority. 

If it’s your priority then start making the time for it, analyze how much you waste time on that unwanted things wasting on the others.

To do list

Don’t make a long to-do list. It’s not going to work all the time, some things or other things are going to appear. It’s not your mind world , it’s a universe controlling us. Make a 3 priority goals for a day. Take a small step towards your goals.

It’s better to take the top priority of the day instead of long listed tasks, which might motivate you in the middle of a task, struggling to concentrate. All the tasks have to be completed today itself.

Awards might help you to keep up

After making the to-do list and priority tasks, give yourself rewards.it might be  a small task, still reward yourself. Never forget to clap for your own efforts. Sometimes there might be no one to appreciate your efforts that time rewarding and clapping your efforts will uplift you to keep working.

What productive tasks do you do? How do you manage your time? Let me know in the comments. 

Even though you are busy, never forget to give time or a smile to your loved ones.


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-By Gayatri

Things on Rainy Days

As I woke up I saw through my window it was a rainy day. Haze, weather, and the smell of soil were making me feel so fresh. Now I’m planning to take my quilt and go back to sleep again. 

So after finishing my sleep I again woke up, got fresh and up, got done with my breakfast, and read my book. And now it’s time to write my blog after a huge gap.

Bloggers editions

So here is the list of things a blogger would like to do. Get some ideas for yourself too.

1. Search for new blog ideas

2. Create thumbnails for upcoming posts

3. Experiment with Canvas and make cute graphics for your blog!

4. Make a new blog banner

5. Edit photos

6. Write Instagram posting ideas

7. Write blog posts

8. Brainstorm ideas

9. Create a blogging notebook

10. Catch up on your WordPress reader

11. Discover new blogs!

12. Share love to your recently discovered blogs by liking and commenting

13. Catch up on recent Instagram posts

14. Go and watch your friend’s YouTube videos (support the small channels)!

15. Write an article for a magazine

16. Reach out to companies – see if you can secure yourself a brand deal!

17. Write letters about topics you are passionate about

18. Redesign your blog (similar to the first one)

19. Delete categories you don’t use

20. Change your bio!

21. Unfollow people who don’t inspire you

22. Follow people who make you happy!

23. Start up a conversation in someone’s DMs

24. Email bloggers for potential collaboration opportunities

25. Disinfect your laptop

26. Clean storage on your laptop!

27. Delete photos off your phone

28. Clear your desk

29. Disinfect your phone

30. Compile all of your blog posts into a document so they’re safe if the Internet dies

31. Back up your phone!

32. Your laptop!

33. And your iPad if you have one

34. Make a cute profile photo for all of your accounts

35. Begin a Pinterest

36. Begin a Goodreads

37. Remove widgets from the sidebar if they clutter up space

38. Follow timeless_tokens Instagram

39. Do a baking 

40. Take flat lays of your painting or your creativity

41. Adjust your preset for Instagram photos

42. Create a journal

43. Download blogging tools onto your phone

44. Have a fun at-home photo shoot.

45. Sort out your wardrobe and sell the clothes you don’t want in thrift shops

46. Schedule posts for the following week/month

47. Create a blogging schedule and STICK TO IT!

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Happy me

Happy me didn’t suddenly appear one day. It has been a journey for me. Learn from lessons and doing wrongs and taking wrong decisions, regretting all day long. Crying and being alone all this feels before you can say “happy me”. 

As everyone must experience some kind of pain that will help them to feel that feeling of happiness.

Climbing the mountains is a struggle, losing our energy, fighting through the winds, and crossing all obstacles. Now that you’re on top of that mountain you can see that mesmerizing view. Which gives that beautiful feeling of happiness. And it becomes an unforgettable lesson or you can say memory in life.

We all need to learn from every tiny thing happening in life. Every person in our life gives us a lesson.

1.Forgiving others 

So I’m recently reading this book from which I learned that forgiving others is step 1 for letting yourself free from all the anger, unhappiness, and grudges. It is not just that we are forgiving for their needs, it is for our benefit, it’s for our selfishness.

We are making ourselves free from that trap of unhappiness and grudges feeling.

2. Accepting that changes

Accepting that change is a part of life. Every single person changes as the situation of that person’s life changes. Bad situation or good makes us mold in our behavior. If I have to grow and glow so I have to accept all those faults and learn from them.

Accepting ourselves is the second step for that happy me.

3. Kind to yourself and others

Being a kind person doesn’t require cost, instead, it requires effort to be kind. Now there is one task for you, just observe yourself what things you talk to yourself, are the kind words? Are they criticizing words? Or have you been rude to yourself?

Be kind is the 3rd step: Talk to yourself even while you are thinking or talking to others.

4. Admire instead of compare

As we are the young generation of this world. We phase this problem often while using social media apps, most of the time we compare ourselves with those other people and end up upsetting ourselves.

So instead of that, I learned this new trick, which is that we should admire them as one of our goals in our life, and chase those goals till we reach them.

Doesn’t it sound so positive and motivating? I think you should definitely try this.

Let us know your opinions in the comments. thank you for all the love and support.

-By Gayatri

June Affirmations

So here I am back after a long time with the June affirmations. Sorry for late blog. This affirmation for the month of June is going to be for confidence.
As many people lack of confidence, it’s a key to success and for it helps in every stage of life. We needs to boost our confidence so here we go, lock in our sit belts and focus.

  1. I am confident and brave.
  2. I am becoming more confident each and every day.
  3. I love, accept and respect myself.
  4. I do not need validation from others.
  5. I am in full control of my life.
  6. There is nothing I am not able to overcome.
  7. I am successful in everything I do.
  8. I am enough.
  9. I am achieving everything I deserve.
  10. I’m companion.

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-By Gayatri