Sometimes you feel like you are betraying someone close to your heart by doing what you want to do than what they want you to do.

-By Kasturi🖤



In the world of beautiful words, we select this timeless tokens..

We have our own life in which we are busy in scheduling our day…

Rush, hustle and late running has become part of our life.

If we took a chance to look at this beauty of nature, it will teach us a lot and helps to relax our mind, body and most importantly our soul.

If we try to capture the beauty of the nature surrounding us it’s so mesmerizing.

In a way of achieving our goals we have to struggle a lot, work hard towards our goals, but after that this difficult part is over and when we go through our past we realize that the hard work has been paid off  to be where we are right now.

In the wonderful moments of life, there can be miserable or happy moments of life and if we take the pictures of the moments we can get the infinite tokens of our life, in which we live and those captured tokens looks so much better…

I strongly believe that every picture has its own story to tell to the people, the people that you know and that you don’t know and the people you love and the people who loves you or even maybe stranger..

It’s just the beginning of my blogging life, you may find a lots of mistake in it but if you understand my feeling for those words you will be able to connect firmly with me……

By Gayatri❤️