Hobbies become source

Elle’s thoughts – my hobbies

Gen Z is glowing you know why. Because they believe in their hobbies, passions and do what they love.

Been consistent and determine to raise is their vision for life. Giving the quality of service with a love. An the endless curiosity to know things, every now and then.

I love painting so I started selling painting, I love writing so I started writing.

There are endless opportunities which you may think not in your path, but you are the one who can create that endless opportunities.

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~by Gayatri ❤



  1. conniedia says:

    Thanks for this…needed it. Happy New Year


    1. I’m glad it help you ❣️. Happy new year🎉


  2. I hear u says:

    I agreed that sometime our hobbies helped us alot and also be a source of opertunity


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