Tch! I know what you are thinking. Anyone who reads that title will think the same thing, I know coz I did that too when I first thought of this topic. But after so much thinking I came to a conclusion. You wanna know what that is? Read through the blog then.

‘Confession’, this word…Ahh. Every time someone hears this word they think of their lover. When or how did they confess their love. Everyone’s doing confession differently. Some do it in a grand way or some do it silently by staying at that person’s side. But when you carefully think about it, would this word be much more than a confession to your lover.

Why do you only want to confess to your lover, if you can do that with your family, friends, relatives, and mainly to yourself. Oh, that confession is the most valuable you would ever think it would be.

The confession to your family, friends, relatives could be simply done by some words or some actions but with your heart in it, you could never make them feel your love. The same goes for yourself too.

The confession that you make to yourself is very important. Most people lie to themselves, like if you have so much talent in one thing but in your childhood, someone said you are not good at it and when you grow up you will keep lying to yourself that I can’t do this, I’m not good at this.

That was just an example of some people. So, make that confession to yourself today and you will never regret it. I want to make a confession to myself too. So, let’s make it together.

I confess that I am a solid introvert person, I can never fully concentrate on things that are very important in life and I know time is everything but I am totally wasting it. I know. And I want to make a change in myself so I can never regret the future that I wasted so much time.

Thank you so much everyone for reading my blog and comment your thoughts, let me know.

-By Kasturi


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