My Obsession over Bracelets

Hey guys!!

So here I’m back the new blog. I hope you all are doing well. Today I’m going to share my bracelet obsession with you guys. I had a huge obsession over these beautiful bracelets. And still, have it though. I hope you like it. Wearing these cute little bracelets makes me happy. The bracelets with small design and the simple I prefer that. You can wear them on casual and as well as on traditional clothing too.

So here they are……

Thank you guys for reading this and showing us support!!

Bye guys!!

-By Gayatri.

Angels and Monsters

We have always wanted that little bit of magic in our life. Love has that kind of magic, but that bibidi-babidi-boo is always fucking awesome!

But sadly that’s not real and that is why there is a superb thing called fantasy. It’s just like our imaginations. In that world, anything can be real.

So today I am here to show you that fucking bibidi-babidi-boo kind of magic. These books take us into fantasy land and give us a feeling of that magic. The books today I am talking about involving Angles, Monsters, Magic, Wishes, and my favorite Love.

This magical story is divided into 3 parts. Warning!!! Even if I say the words like magic and love for this book there is also a twist. The strong female lead; her journey and her adventures are what Laini Taylor our author is writing in these books.

Let me show you the titles and take you to brief journey throughout these books.

These are those 3 books-

  • Daughter of Smoke and Bone
  • Days of Blood and Starlight
  • Dreams of Gods and Monsters

These 3 books are full of adventure and magic and mystery

I am here going to talk about only the 1st book that is Daughter of smoke and bone but once you get deeper in this story you won’t come out without completing it.

  • Daughter of Smoke and Bone

Around the world, Black Handprints are appearing on doorways, scorched there by winged strangers who have crept through a slit in the sky.
In a dark and dusty shop, a devil’s supply of human teeth grows dangerously low.
And in the tangled lanes of Prague, a young art student is about to be caught up in a brutal otherworldly war.
Meet Karou. She fills her sketchbooks with monsters that may or may not be real, she’s prone to disappearing on mysterious “errands”, she speaks many languages – not all of them human – and her bright blue hair actually grows out of her head that color. Who is she? That is the question that haunts her, and she’s about to find out.
When beautiful, haunted Akiva fixes fiery eyes on her in an alley in Marrakesh, the result is blood and starlight, secrets unveiled, and a star-crossed love whose roots drink deep of a violent past. But will Karou live to regret learning the truth about herself?

The thing about this book is that it gets very interesting and very mysterious as it goes. The author mostly writes in the POV of Karou and sometimes with Akiva but the most interesting part of these books is their quotes.

“Once upon a time,
An angel fell in love.
It did not end well.”
-Laini Taylor

The author Laini Taylor has added those types of quotes in every step of our protagonist’s life.

The books have been my guilty pleasure for a long time, oh but these books have charmed me to the core. So I highly recommend this book to read and just enjoy and relax. There are so many emotional twists and turns in these books and I am sure you all will enjoy it like I did.

Thank you all for reading.

-By Kasturi

Perspective On Life

It’s madness , to hate all roses , because you got scratched by one thorn .To give up on all your dreams ; because one did not come true . To give up on all efforts; because one of them failed .To lose faith in prayers; because one was not answered. To condemn all your friends ; because one of them betrayed you. Not to believe in love; because someone was unfaithful. Remember another chance may be right there, waiting on your doorstep. A new friend, a new love ,a new life. However hard life may get , Never give up on anything. Its true that we don’t know what we’ve got until we lose it, but it’s also true that we don’t know what we’ve been missing until it arrives. Because in the end, it’s not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away. So smile, because it’s the only way to survive this madness.

-By Gayatri❤

My Journal – Emotions Into Words

Hello Readers,

You probably don’t know me because I am new here, just a beginner but I have been writing a lot lately in my journal just to express myself. Before the lockdown period, when everything was normal (and by normal, I mean our daily hectic schedule) we all were busy in our own lives. Waking up early in the morning, getting ready for college, running to catch Virar fast train and then attending daily boring lectures, meeting your friends, sharing tiffin with them and even eating during lectures which was so much fun and the most exciting part of the day, your daily gossips which nobody could ever miss. I feel like I am going down the memory lane, but thinking about those moments makes me realize how much I am missing everything that has been part of my everyday life. Then there was always a moment where everybody wanted a break in their lives but nobody expected that the break would last this long. For the past 4 months, we all are quarantined in our own home; it feels like we are isolated from the whole world. It’s pretty obvious that we would feel lonely and bored. But at that time, I thought of expressing myself by writing a journal. I didn’t write daily but whenever I felt lonely, I picked up my journal and started to write down what I felt. Penning down my thoughts, my emotions are phenomenal and it acts as a stress-buster. I get to know myself much better. It helps me to work on my strengths and weaknesses. It’s like you can visualize your own self. It also gives me immense joy and pleasure and helps me to relax my mind. Now you might be wondering why I write in a journal as it is very old-fashioned, why not express yourself in front of your best friends? Honestly, I am not so good at expressing towards them. Sometimes, I do talk to them, share my problems with them but then I feel like why to burden them with your worries and sorrows. Expressing positive emotions is so much easier than negative emotions as people react to positivity favorably. But what if you are sad, depressed, or in grief; at that time, you feel like running away from your own emotions but the more you will run the more they will keep haunting you. It is absolutely alright to feel anxious, scared, freaked, devastated, or lost. There are no right or wrong feelings, good or bad emotions. You can’t control the way you feel but you definitely can control how to express yourself. Tell yourself that it is ok to feel whatever it is. According to me, writing is the only way I can express myself freely without the fear of being judged by others. Everybody says that you shouldn’t care about what other people think of you; their opinion doesn’t matter at all. But honestly, deep down somewhere we all do care. Whenever you feel low, lonely, or demotivated, just express yourself by writing, by talking, by interacting or by doing what you love the most. Ask yourself, “What are you feeling at this moment?” and then answer your own question. Expression comes in many distinct forms. You can express yourself by painting, sketching, singing, listening to music, dancing, playing, communicating, or spending some alone time. Life is full of complications, incredible experiences as well as worst nightmares but it shapes us into what we are today. An expression is an art that no one is born with but you can master it. The ability to express your emotions into words is an important aspect as you have to make yourself understood by others. By expressing yourself, you can strengthen the bond of friendship & love; you can also experience strangers turning into friends. To everyone out there, just pour your heart out by expressing each and every emotion you feel. Emotions are a part of us.

So my dear readers.. This is all for today. I will see you all in my next blog. I felt great talking to you all. We will meet soon in my next blog. Take care.. Stay healthy.. Stay safe.

-By Riya💜

Journey With Books

Durjoy Datta has always written romance-related book but there are some books that he has collaborated to make even more exciting. The book I will talk about is just more than romance. Nowadays readers want something spicy with romance. Sometimes it can be suspense or sometimes it can be fantasy. The books I have read of not only talk about that boy-girl romance, it includes different types of relationships like brother-sister, family, or simply friendship.

Then I will give you short summery of those books-

1. If It’s Not Forever

My head buzzes and I cry out for their pain and out of my own. My ears ring from the noise of the blast, my nose bleeds and I have vomited twice. I look around to see chaos all around. The images are blurred.

All I can make out is red. Blood. Or black, from the ashes of what’s burnt now—men, women, children.

-Durjoy Datta.

books are a collaboration between Durjoy Datta and Nikita Singh to make the book a romantic and suspense thriller.

The book starts where Deb (Debashish) gets into a bomb blast. That incident traumatized Deb for weeks of his recovery. So he wanted to have a closure but when he was looking around the site he came across a Diary. The diary’s side was half burnt so he couldn’t see the name. When he came home he read the diary. The diary has “R.D” written on it. No name, or for that matter address, is provided. But Deb wants to return the diary to Ragini, who “R.D” loved.

So Deb and his editor friend Shrey with his girlfriend Tiya traveled to uncover the secrets of this love story. Then in that journey Avantika, Deb’s girlfriend joined the trio to find Ragini. Later on, they discovered the diary’s owner’s name was Ritam and they thought that he died in the bomb blast. In the middle of the journey, Shrey and Tiya go separate ways but the got arrested so Deb and Avantika gave a statement that Tiya isn’t minor.

Deb never told anyone about the diaries content but when he got questioned by Shrey and Tiya he told them everything and how he is going to tell Ragini about Ritam’s feelings. Now Deb has to find a way to reach Ragini but sometimes he came to a dead-end or sometimes he comes across a piece of unexpected information, he discovers unexpected secrets and mysteries. Now we have to see how he had solved it.

          This book is a suspense thriller that will encourage the reader to complete the book. I personally loved this book because of its twist and turns. I hope you will like it too.

2. Till The Last Breath

 “Her parents’ eyes met hers and she knew they could see the horror. Their faces fell as if they knew what the middle-aged doctor was about to tell them. She went and sat next to her mom and held her hand. The doctor started to explain. The world blocked out. Her mind was blank. The denial of her parents, their shouts, their screams, their accusations against the incompetent doctor and the irresponsible hospital, their claims of their daughter being perfectly healthy —nothing registered in her brain. She had just one image seared on her retina.

She was going to die, motionless on a hospital bed with a tube cut into her throat.”

          Till the Last Breath describes the story of two patients gets admitted to room no. 509 at GKL Super Specialty Hospital and two doctors who try their best to save the lives of these. Death looms in the cramped up hospital room as the patients struggle to survive and the two doctors try to keep them alive, risking their medical licenses.

One patient, a nineteen-year-old medical student, is diagnosed with an incurable, fatal disease delivering her to a slow and painful death. The other, twenty-five-year-old drug addict is slowly dying as all his organs are slowly shutting down. Despite the hopelessness of their situation, the doctors push the barriers by trying to save their lives. This challenges their medical ethics and their own reasoning in using unapproved experimental methods to prolong the lives of the youngsters.

Till the Last Breath is a sensitive yet thrilling novel that explores ideas of life and death. It also touches upon notions of morality and of past demons that influence thought and action.

          Durjoy talks about the hope and challenges of both protagonists and explores the feelings and past with both Pihu and Dushyant and to found out what fate has stored for them.

          The book has been on my favorite list for quite a while because of its structure and the authors writing skills. This book shows four characters’ story but the main was the patients of room 509. The playfulness of Pihu and the grumpiness of Dushyant, even with those personalities the friendship between them is so moving till the last breath.

3. Our Impossible Love

“‘What . . . did he tell people?’

‘Ummm . . . that you guys did it,’ said Namrata.

‘But I didn’t.’


‘. . .’


‘. . .’

‘Stop crying? Listen to me?’


‘You were wearing your T-shirt inside out today.’

‘But I didn’t take it off—’No. No. No. And then I remembered. When I woke up this morning, my pants were bunched up around my ankles and my T-shirt was lying upturned near the bedpost.

‘Aisha? Did you take off your T-shirt yourself?’

‘. . .’

‘Did you?’ I mustered up the courage to say the words,

‘I have been raped, Namrata. I have been raped by my boyfriend.’


‘. . .’

          Aisha lives with her ailing mother and brother. Since they are poor, and the mother’s medical bills are high, her father has to work in a different city. Both the brother and sister are very intelligent and quite close to each other. Slowly, however, the duo starts growing apart. When Aisha is about to turn 18, all she wants is a big party. So, when the rich Casanova Vibhor wants to take her out on a date, she jumps at the offer. At her birthday party though, things turn ugly and she becomes a victim of date rape.

Around the same time, Aisha starts bonding with her school counselor Danish who is a young man and seems to be always around for her. Slowly, both of them find out that they are in love – Danish and Aisha. And when Aisha tells him about the rape, and the law doesn’t seem to help, Danish suggests a plan.

          Durjoy here tells about the reaped girl’s point of view and how she copes with this society. How much moral support she has and how she deals with those emotions with the help of her school counselor Danish and how romance blossoms between those two.

          Very few have that courage to deal with society and stand up against the rapist but with the help of correct people, Durjoy believes they can do that. I, for that matter as a girl, believe so.

Books like these always leave some impression on our behavior and on our emotions and mentality. The books that I suggested today are the first books that I’ve read that left me thinking about the books and their character’s live.

The life that maybe imaginary but on some level, these things have happened to people and that’s what the author is trying to convey I believe. So that’s it for today, but I will come back to tell you about the books that I’ve read and liked and left such a deep impression on me and that’s what I want to share with the people.

-By Kasturi❣️

Quarantine Time💀

Hello my favorite people!!!!

There is something I want to talk…

Looking at the current situation every another person is thinking what to do now and then next…

As its for our own benefit to stay at home, to protect ourselves and our family we should follow the rules.

So to spend our boring time we can do lots of things….so I am here to help you by suggesting few ideas that will make the time useful…

First is to maintain your sleeping cycle..

Every day we should have same sleeping cycle. If we are sleeping for 8 hours a day then it should be same for every single day of our quarantine. Coz some time people get affected because they overslept, then it also affects on our digestion system, our face gets swallowed. If not sleeping on time then dark circles may come under your eyes.

The second is Healthy diet.

We should eat “ghar ka khana ” which have vitamin, nutrition. Coz we maintain the hygiene while make our food at home. Use this quarantine time to learn and try new dishes.

The third thing is cooking new recipies.

By reading or watching video of recipe we should them ourself without help of our moms and serve them our new dish. Making Snacks for few day with our mom. Eg. Phaphda,soups, juices etc.etc.

The fourth thing to do is to read new books.

Passing your time by getting the knowledge through books is the best way we can do it. There few books I would like to suggest .
Secret, ikigai, how to ikigai,murakami
You should try to read me😉

The fifth thing is learning new skills.

Like me you have internet and byusing the internet we can learn new language, new recipies, diy videos which is one of my favorite thing to watch 🙂 , design, painting etc.etc.
Anything new to watch helps in exploring yourself, create your new self by using this quality time.

The sixth thing you can do is to workout at home.

As we all lazy fellow we should getup and do at least warmups which helps our body not get fat just by sitting at home. Its really important to do a workout to keep our body fit.

The seventh thing is self care.

Its essential to take care of our self. We can apply a face mask or serum. Its funny to apply a face mask on every one of family and looks like a ghost and scaring each other(haha!!!!). Wash ur hand frequently before and after doing anything. Groom your self everyday like we use to before going out. Its useless but makes me feels good. Try out some difference hair styles. Even apply a makeup and take few selfies :).

The next thing is to organize your closet.

Organize your clothes and things.
It must have messy ever around in your room. Gather some courage and take out everything. Tried out clothes which one fits you. Take out the clothes which you want to give away. We can even keep it ready outfit for few days.

The ninth thing you can do is to watch movies and series.

Everyone will like this option for passing there time.
Few suggestion for movies 😉
Harry Potter(The biggest movies collection).

The tenth thing is flashback your memories by watching your childhood photos.

I like to do this when I have nothing to do. Watching old pictures and video and things which our related to those memories. It bring a little smile on your face watching that throwback memories.

The next thing you have to do with your family.

Making fun of every other, little fight with each other because we are together after a long time. Playing games at home. Eating lunch, dinner and breakfast together.
Spending some quality time with our family. All of us complaints we don’t get time for our family now have…enjoy it.

The next thing you can do is to play games.

Sitting at home we can play gamewith our friends and family. Ludo, snake and ladder, in-house cricket and many more games like these.

Online are also available which is so good even maintain a distance and Playing a game together is the best .

Online ludo, carrom pool etc.

The thirteen thing is to help your mom.

Uffff our mom gets tried doing all the work alone but she never gets tried to work. Our mom can give us a lot of work which help her to do it fast and then you both can rest after that. Eating 8 time a day is terrible so help her at least 2-3 time to reduce her work.

The fourteenth thing you can do is to clean your shelf.

I just did that few day ago. It helped me to increase the space in my shelf. So now I can bring more books. Remember to sanitize it after removing everything. And then organize it.

The fifteenth thing is to video or chat with your friends.

Video calling your idiot fellows will bring you a smile on your face. Watching them after a long time or you can even have conversation by chatting with them.

The next thing you can do is play online games with ur frnds by maintaining the distance.

Play games online by calling your friends. And have a crazy fun over there.

The next thing you do is watch youtube.

Watching utube can also give u a chance to learn and entertain etc.

The next thing you can do is painting or drawing.

Improve your skills of drawing. Its time to recall your artist skill which you left a long time ago. Now you have a time to do it then damn it do it guys…

And even if you are that damn bored at last you have to study then

If you’re damn bored of ur current situation and you don’t know what else to do but you have to do something then do study. Finish ur homework, assignment. Learn.

And rememver wash ur hand time to time and maintain hygiene guys..

The most important things do washing your hands for 20 sec. Maintain hygiene, take a daily bath, sanitize every thing in your house.

Take care now Byee guys..

Stay Safe🖤


I Don’t Care🌹

After spending the 19 years of my life caring for the ppl, thinking of what they will feel, what they will think of me. Now I realize that I should not do this.I shouldn’t care of what other will think of me and what opinions they would have of me….

Now I just wanna tell myself to stop….just stop….stop caring for the people who judge me and what they think of me and will always tell me what is right for me and what is wrong for me…

Now I don’t wanna care for any of these people….

These 19 years of my life I have done the things they tell me to do…

I just forgot to live for my own life by my opinions, thoughts and standing firmly and confidently on them…

They are the people who they are, we are the person who we are…….

If you bother of what the people will say and think of you then you should stop caring for it and them…

Most of the time in our life we care for them which in return they do nothing for us but killing our inner self and our selfconfidence….

Guys it’s their work to talk bad about us, gossip about us and all that rubbish things they do….

Even if we do good things or do bad things they are there to make us feel guilty about it and feel bad and less of ourselves…

So let us be us…..🥀

All we have to do is to be patience

And do our thing with confidence…

Now, I know what is good and what is bad for me. I don’t have to care what ppl will think of me. I like this version of myself and enjoy the every moment of it……

When you start believing in yourself and to not care for them, you will be satisfied with your self. sometime you doubt yourself because of them.

Now you will think if our close one or good once are caring and suggesting for us then that’s good….

Those who stay with us and we help us to accomplish our goals and motivate us those are our true friends…..

In the last, clear your mind…..Don’t think of others. Live your life the way you want…

Don’t care for negative people. The people will come around you to make you doubt on yourself.

Don’t doubt yourself and love yourself….

Continue to improve yourself…🌹🌹

-By Gayatri🖤

Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone……

Even if you are single or taken…..

This day is not only for the engaged people either even those who are not engaged (….single😉) they can celebrate this love day too…

Guys we can always celebrate it with our family, friends and our closed ones…..including ourselves…

It’s not only couples that should enjoy themselves and be happy for this day…..

We can treat ourselves, spend time with ourselves and loving our own self is the most important thing in all of this and the best part of our life…

Inner happiness is most important rather than making others happy. Dress up for yourself, do makeup, try new hairstyles, make a favourite dish of yourself, watch a movie, take a walk, talk to your own self…

Couples may celebrate with their partners; singles can celebrate with their own self and with family, friends and closed ones…

You need to love yourself before loving others…

Happy Valentine’s Day to You All Again❤️❤️

– By Gayatri and Kasturi💕


Sometimes you feel like you are betraying someone close to your heart by doing what you want to do than what they want you to do.

-By Kasturi🖤


In the world of beautiful words, we select this timeless tokens..

We have our own life in which we are busy in scheduling our day…

Rush, hustle and late running has become part of our life.

If we took a chance to look at this beauty of nature, it will teach us a lot and helps to relax our mind, body and most importantly our soul.

If we try to capture the beauty of the nature surrounding us it’s so mesmerizing.

In a way of achieving our goals we have to struggle a lot, work hard towards our goals, but after that this difficult part is over and when we go through our past we realize that the hard work has been paid off  to be where we are right now.

In the wonderful moments of life, there can be miserable or happy moments of life and if we take the pictures of the moments we can get the infinite tokens of our life, in which we live and those captured tokens looks so much better…

I strongly believe that every picture has its own story to tell to the people, the people that you know and that you don’t know and the people you love and the people who loves you or even maybe stranger..

It’s just the beginning of my blogging life, you may find a lots of mistake in it but if you understand my feeling for those words you will be able to connect firmly with me……

By Gayatri❤️