October Affirmations

Feeling overwhelmed until it comes to October. As for so long, we fight our battles for different reasons. One for getting in college admissions, passing out, getting graduated, and looking for jobs. Constantly battling for the next steps in our life.

For that these affirmations are for you:

  • There are many things that I cannot control, but there are always some I can; my next breath, closing my eyes, focusing on the love inside myself.
  • Being overwhelmed is not a sign of weakness or failure; it’s a sign that I love life and want to live it fully.
  • I cannot control what I feel right now, but I can control my next thought. I will pause and make it a positive one.
  • My heart carries limited space for what others are doing, but it is always fully interested and invested in what I am doing.
  • Overwhelm is not a sign of weakness or failure; it’s an opportunity to slow down.
  • Not knowing where to start is not the same as not being able to start.
  • Today I allow time for self-care and rejuvenation.
  • I have faith that this will all work out.
  • I am living in grace.
  • It is always okay to feel and do things differently compared to others.
  • I will not stay overwhelmed forever. It does not feel like it but time will ease the load I am carrying.
  • Feeling overwhelmed does not mean that I am incapable or too weak to do things. Overwhelm has no bearing on my ability or worth.

Thank you. Follow and like for more.

-By Gayatri

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