Hello folks, I’m back with a new topic today. Im-perfection which we all are and that’s what makes us unique from others. Living a life with the same basic concept and keeping it continuing is just maintaining our consistency.

Looking at things with a perfection mindset is good but not everything can get perfect. Sometimes progressing is more important than being perfect and staying in one place.

Maintaining consistency is different for everyone. Some people like perfect consistency or the others like growing consistency.

Growing consistency will help you a lot to grow in life. As you do, you make mistakes, you learn and you improve from it.

One is perfectly fine with what they do, everyone just slips up.

We shouldn’t overthink and stress ourselves on it instead we should accept it and try to improve on it.

Progressing is the best choice we can make over perfection.

Feelings like devastation and comparing yourself, not good enough. Instead, I think I’m going to take a small step to build a better life cycle for myself.

I’m going to improve,

I’m going to learn from critiques,

I’m going to keep on trying to learn new things.

Do you prefer perfection or progress? Let me know in the comments…

Thank you for reading this, have a nice day.

  -By Gayatri

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