5 Things You Should Know

Making someone wait for you.

If I start right for the value of time it will become just another blog on it. Making someone wait is it’s just like leaving someone on reading in our gen z. That person is unable to focus on his or her task cause you said you are coming on time, but you still haven’t reached there yet.

Keeping the promise you make. 

Promises come with trust and trust comes with a belief in you. If you are promising someone you are making them believe in you. They believe in you, that you will not break that promise.

Once you break that promise u proportionally break their trust and believe in you from their eyes. It becomes so difficult for that person to believe in you for that next time you say “I will keep my word as I promised

Keep ego aside.

Many times when we help someone and have been with that person every time it reminds you how we have helped that person. But that person doesn’t recognize your help making your ego arise. Why should I help next time? Or the expectations in returns arise in our mind indirectly.

Ask yourself if you want to break things?

The bigger ego trip is getting rid of your ego.

Kindness winners.

Sometimes winning someone’s heart is easier with kind words than asking directly. Learn to be a sweet talker, try to have this kindness:

kind act every day.

I say please and thank you.

Nice friends are kind to me.

Doing nice things.

Nice words are always heard.

Everyone is nice to me.

Saying nice things is eBay to do.

So much kindness

Take action.

After coming a long way, I realized there were so many things I wanted to do that would have turned out to be different if I had taken that action at that time. I have been scared at that time was ok, but we should battle with our fear with the now or never action. You never know what would turn out the result for that. You might succeed or you might fail. But you always learn to remember that.

Thank you for your love, keep sharing, and like if you learned something new.

Let me know in the comments.

~By Gayatri

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