What I Learn From Drawing

While I was drawing one of my paintings. I had drawn roughly with the pencil first then I go with a color or water paint colors.

Further in that drawing I had to go into the details elements. I did it with the pencil as usually I do in every painting.

I enjoy drawing it’s just like a meditation to me. As the main goal of meditation is to get calm, relax, and getting focus on the task.
Just like we focus on breathing, I focus on every process of my paintings.

Most of the creative ideas come at that time in my mind. Observing your feelings and understanding them.

So it took me a while to overcome my worries. What if you ruined my painting?
What if it all goes to waste? Should I do it or let it be?!!!

So one day I gather all of my courage and started doing it. And now, it’s time do or die situation.

Like make it or break it. Once I started doing it. And I got engrossed in it. And like wow my final result was so fantastic.

I will show you guys which painting I was talking about all this while.

Thank you. Like and follow for more.

-By Gayatri

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