Letter To My Best Friend


You know what?!! Today I feel like we should have the talk!! The letter is for you but I really felt like I should give you a surprise by posting it on our blog.

Oh! our blog! how much time has passed since I wrote something for the blog? Really, it was created just for you, I was just behind the scenes man(woman). But you! encouraged me, told me that I should really try this thing. And I did!

We have been best friends for almost 6 years! And we have never been those types of friends who need to meet every 2 days! We are those people who wouldn’t talk for days and we still will be the best friends that we are! It’s been years, and you are still there for me as always. Our friendship has always been a mystery to me, you know! A strange coincidence. It’s like we met on the first day of our college and we connected. Just like that.

I liked those years we spend together, sharing stories and life with each other. Not to make this too sentimental, but you have changed my life in ways you can’t even imagine.

Our emotional, sensitive but sometimes funny talks, I miss them so much. We don’t get to talk to each other on calls and texts. But we still understand each other. And that’s what I really like about our friendship.

They say, when people spend so much time together, they start to look like each other or rather similar. Some people say we look like twins. I really think it’s our sisterhood bond. I say we are sisters from different mothers. We are so opposites of each other, in personality, mentality, and looks. You look short and I look fat. Opposites attract each other, and I truly believe in that. I talked too much in this letter, so I don’t want to bore people with any further talking. So that’s it! You will see this now and be surprised, I hope so.

Our friendship should stay just like this in the coming years, till old age.


Love Kasturi.

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