Daily habits that changed my life

Hello everyone! Hope you all have been well. Writing this blog after a very long time. The thing that changed my life by doing these tiny things. It just takes minimal time of your day. And you are still been productive.

Daily affirmations

As you guys have been reading my blog for a long time must be known to the blogs of affirmations. As I do affirmation of month’s blog for every month. Even before writing the blog, I started doing this affirmations practice. I mostly do this affirmation at night before I go to sleep.

You can’t just see the grand picture and it will sparkle your day, things inside that picture just can’t do that. The simple thing you can do is affirm our goals in your mind and you will feel the freshness in the air.


Once I start with my reading the books then I’m a crazy reader. Can’t wait till the end of book?

So as your mind is fresh to absorb new to your brain started reading 30 min every day in the morning. We say we read? But do we really read? Or we just scroll through social media?

Reading calms mind, gives information, increase our knowledge.

Drinking water, stay hydrated

As we see this word many people tell us to stay hydrated, get to know more about these words through social influencers. But do we really stay hydrated? Observe yourself. I feel more awake and ready to take on my day when I drink 1 glass of water.

I will give you one piece of advice: drink more water from a glass often, avoid drinking water from the bottles. If you more often drink from a bottle, then keep it clean or either don’t drink by bottleneck hold it a little higher.

Like a Indian style of drinking water


10 to 5 minutes are enough for doing the meditation. Meditation can clear your mind, bring more creative ideas to life. As during this covid situation. We need to be strong. Breathing exercise helps us.


Stretching a bit morning will help to relax my muscles. As we young people going to go and binge watches the shows. So before going to bed wait just do a warm-up to relax that stress muscles.

Thank you. Follow and like for more. Stay safe and stay healthy.

-By Gayatri

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