Hardworking Tears

Have you ever been an athlete? If yes, you must know how hard work you did and what you learn from those days.
If you have never been an athlete. It’s ok you might have seen a competition once in your life.
The athlete is for just a few hours or days in front of us. But for those few days how much they have spent their sweat and effort.
Their dedication for be a winner.

But have you ever observe when the participant won the competition. Why he or, she cries over that. Even though they won the competition then why they been a sad person.

That tears are of hard work, that tears are of the amount of time they have put on extra on themselves. That tears are of the sacrifice of all the things they wanted to do but they didn’t.
That tears are the results of the sweat and blood working towards that goal to Achieve.

That awards makes them so much overwhelmed. That they just can’t control over there emotions.

You can be a winner Or loser in your life. Keep going ahead is a apart of life. Be true to your goals.

Thank you. Follow and like for more. Stay safe and stay healthy.

-By Gayatri


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