Day 31- Reflect on what makes you happy

Self reflection can help you clear your thoughts and feeling. From that’s what we started. Do you remember day 1 of this challenge.

When we keep our thoughts and feeling floating in our head , that only makes more Confusion and frustration.
Getting that thoughts on paper can helps you understand why you’re feeling that in a certain way and makes it easier to navigate.

Self love, reflect that you are now more confidence about your opinion , thoughts and choice. Now i can describe what I love about myself.

Can you describe about what you love about yourself??

I read this beautiful lines of Michelle sandlin ~
I really like those has a a deep meaning in it.

– there is no Greater journey than the one that you must take to discover all of the mysteries that lie within you.

When you have a habit of writing your feelings, when you look back at that time you will know how far you have come from that hard day. How much progress you have made.

Remember that at the end you the one who will help your self from sinking in this world .

That little things from posting your pictures and wearing that pretty outfit, cooking and self care.
Doing all this things we are give time to ourselves to relax, understand and regain that energy to face the world.

Let us know what you like this most in this challenge??!!

So that we are at the end of this 1monthchallenge of this self love.

I really hope you like this all blogs.

Thank you. Follow and like for more. Stay fit and stay healthy. ❤

-by Gayatri❤


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