Day 30 – Bake cookies. It’s okay to treat yourself every once in awhile.

If u have a hard day, great day, ate well all day ,you deserve a treat .There is no specific reason to find to treat yourself anytime.If you always treat yourself then it a part of a day.Treat is supposed to be something out of ordinary.

They are rewards for achievement of your goals. They are best include in your life when you are ahead of your time.

If yesterday u thought I would be great to eat cookies today. Then tomorrow u will be grateful that I have a cookies because all the wanted that. And you would come up with an excuse to eat them.

Spending a quality time with yourself and others. Giggle other jokes and smiling all the while.

Reminder – all this day to follow this self love. Now this is a time to reward yourself with a treat.

You started enjoy with your own company, and loving yourself.
By doing this all little things this days.

Thank you. Follow and like for more. Stay fit and stay healthy. ❤

– By Gayatri❤

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